Quality. Service. Performance.Residential Metal Roofing Manufacturer with Over 50 Years of Experience

Since 1963, quality, service, and performance have been the cornerstone of our business philosophy and success.

As we've grown into one of the nation' s leading manufacturers of residential roofing systems, we still believe business morals and ethics have a place in the work environment. This has led us to continue to conduct business under the golden rule adage: Customers deserve to be treated in the same way we like to be treated by our suppliers.


Find the Right Panel for Your Project Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home

We manufacture a broad range of residential metal roofing panels, all of which are constructed from top-of-the-line materials and are of the highest quality. Our product line includes:

  • Standing seam systems
  • Concealed fastener panels
  • Exposed fastener panels
  • Simulated tile
  • Simulated shingle

Each product line is available in an extensive number of colors to ensure your home has a beautiful roof for years to come!


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Take the First Step Towards Your Own Beautiful Metal Roof

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